dilluns, 29 d’agost de 2011

"The only important political distinction in the area is that between the use of force and the use of persuasion"

Richard Rorty. Contingency, irony, and solidarity

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dimarts, 23 d’agost de 2011

"Orwell, it may be said, came to respect the old bourgeois virtues because they were stupid -that is, because they resisted the power of abstract ideas. And he came to love things, material possessions, for the same reason"

Lionel Trilling

dissabte, 20 d’agost de 2011

"Puesto que la amistad es incompatible con la verdad, el único diálogo que vale la pena es el que mantenemos con nuestros enemigos."

Emil Cioran

dimecres, 17 d’agost de 2011

"Except for the nine firts months of its existence, no human being manages its affairs as well as a plant"

Bernard Shaw

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dilluns, 8 d’agost de 2011

"Some ideas are so foolish that only an intellectual could believe them, for no ordinary man could be such a fool"

George Orwell

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